$25/person • 60 minutes of tastiness

Schedule a tour and let us guide you through the winery and tastings of our favorite selections of our bottled, kegged, and wine in a can. You’ll tour the winery, learn a little more about us, and taste 5 wines along the way. Currently, we offer tours Tuesday-Saturday at 4pm & 6pm. We’ll also do our best to accommodate additional times and large parties with at least a 48 hour notice. Our tours are limited and fill up fast so please click here to reserve your spot. All YOU need is confirmation from our Tour Coordinator!



Private Tasting?

$35/person • 60 minutes of intimacy 

Looking for more information and a chance to taste our premium selections? Look no further. We’ll take an hour of your time and guide you through our top 6 bottles. It’s a chance to really dive in and learn more about our wines, what foods pair best them with, and all other info you might possibly want to know.



Prefer A Barrel Tasting?

$50/person • 90 minutes of decadence 

And if you still can’t get enough, schedule a private barrel tasting with us. We'll guide you through the entire winemaking process and allow you taste through varieties as they age in barrel, your palate will thank you.