$69/shipment • 3 bottles each quarter

The Scopes Monkey Trial introduced the controversial idea of teaching evolution in public schools in the US. Whether you agree with the Tennessee Supreme Court’s 1926 decision or not, we’ve created our own Monkey Trial Wine Club as an introduction to our wines and our winery. 1 case will be hand selected and sent each year.



LEVEL 1.5: The Texas Monkey Wrench

$49/shipment • 3 bottles each quarter

Things are done a little differently in Texas. With a concise production in the great state, we want you to really know what these wines are about. Each quarter you’ll receive three bottles of the same varietal (every quarter will be a different wine). Whether you have your wine all at once or at three different times, you’ll become an expert on each of our TX creations. 1 case in total will be hand selected and sent per year.




$129/shipment • 6 bottles each quarter

The business level wine clubber is a person who is serious and interested, but not quite ready to hurl buckets of money into a wine hobby. Our Monkey Business Wine Club strikes the perfect balance between those who not only want to get to know our wines and those who can’t quite get enough. Our winemaker will hand select 2 cases of wine each year and ship upon release. As an added bonus, we will throw in one set of cans at the end of the year!




$59/shipment • 3 bottles each month

Now you’re big time. You’re ready to expand your palate and label yourself a local wine connoisseur. Not only will you receive 3 cases of wine by the end of each year, but you’ll also receive a complimentary bottle at the end of each year.


The Real Incentives
  1. A growler upon sign-up, with club member refills for $20 (20% off) 2) 
  2. Extra gifts from our local business partners (monthly clubbers get four/year and quarterly clubbers get two/year)
  3. Personal invites to a First Friday where you’ll get complimentary drink and tapas tickets
  4. As always, you’ll receive 20% off of re-orders, $10 4-pack cans, first dibs on all new releases and special offers, a free bottle when you refer friends, and discounted shipping rates. Send an email to nicki@theinfinitemonkeytheorem.com with questions or to re-order any bottles.
One More Perk

As an extra perk to all members, we’re offering a discount on our canned wines. Yes, we have removed the bottle and started making ridiculously good wine in…a can! Cans can be purchased at a discount to all members, tailored to your needs, and sent at any time throughout the year. They’re purchased and packed in 4-packs. Whether you’re venturing out for an afternoon picnic, backcountry skiing, or hosting a party with friends or co-workers, our cans are the prefect pairing to any event! 4 pack: $10, 8-pack: $20, and 12-pack: $30

Referral Program

Know fellow wine fanatics? Send them our way! Refer a friend and we’ll send you a free bottle!

The Fine Print

Please note shipping is not factored into the prices above. We do offer a flat rate of $10 for 3 bottle shipments and $15 for 6 bottle shipments. However, if you’re local, come by, visit our tasting room, and pick up your orders at no cost!